Hepatus – Management of your banking powers of attorney

  • Schema Hepatus

  • View easily all your powers
    • Check the powers of an account, signatory or a company on today’s date or an earlier date.
    • Record powers history
    • Track changes made to the repository (author and date)
    • Module for managing other powers: commitments of expenditure, bank telecommunication contracts, business cards, etc.
  • Manage easily your powers on a daily basis
    • Events :
      • This tool enables to update and to edit powers in accordance with the changes made to the repository (account opening or closing, signatory arrival or departure,...)
    • Tracking:
      • This tool enables to track and control your communication with bankers and to manage reminder alerts
  • Communicate in real-time with your bankers
    • Update your powers or your telematics contracts
    • Print automatically mails for banks (account opening and closing, banking powers of attorney, circularization, signature cards, ID cards,...)
    • Manage e-Bam format for the dematerialisation of banking powers of attorney
  • E.D.M.: Manage all types of digital documents, whether they were generated by Hepatus or not
    • Example :
      • A mail (banking powers) or a Kbis extract can be stored
      • These documents can be stored in HEPATUS DB, in a network share or in your own E.D.M.
      • The document is sorted by type, company, signatory and / or account.
      • You can search a document at any time via filters provided by the module.
      • You can also find these documents while checking a company, signatory or an account.

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