Cubicus - Treasury Management

  • Manage all your account statements
    • Retrieve, integrate and print automatically account statements
    • Check your account statements and carry out multi-criteria and multi-account search
    • Operation statistics
    • Control over all your integrations
  • Oversee your forecasts
    • Integrate temporary forecasts from CUBICUS Payments or any external file
    • Management interface to test temporary forecasts
    • Enter forecasts
    • Manage automatic forecasts by setting the periodicity
  • Reconcile your forecasts to your bank statements
    • Automatic reconciliation by setting your own rules
    • Semi-automatic reconciliation by amount
    • Manual reconciliation
    • Benefit from a rapid breakdown for unreconciled transactions
    • Keep a reconciliation history
  • View your value files at a glance
    • Overview balance values by balance, by consolidation, or detailed by type code
    • Change and add directly forecasts in the value file
    • Detailed statistics by type code
    • Customise reports
  • Manage cash-pooling and current accounts
    • Enter your treasury transfers (multi-format)
    • Manage current accounts
    • Calculate interest on current accounts and print invoices
  • Control investments and loans
    • Manage security accounts and SICAV (FIFO)
    • Generate purchases and sales of securities (UCITS)
    • Manage term deposit accounts
    • Manage lines of credit and SPOTs
  • Control interest scales
    • Calculate interest by account or consolidated interest
    • Manage banking conditions

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