Cubicus – Payment and treasury software

CUBICUS is a multi-protocol (EBICS T & TS, SWIFTNET and FTP), multi-format (CFONB, SEPA, SWIFT MTxxx), modular banking communication and treasury platform.

CUBICUS provides you full security for your payments with the possibility of signing your remittances via a signature folder with all certificate authorities of the market regardless the protocol used (3SKey, banks’ CA…)


  • Banking standards : CFONB, SEPA, SWIFT
  • Flow formats : SCT, Treasury, Foreign, Commercial 400 or Payext96A Transfers, S€PA Direct Debits, electronic Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes
  • Protocols : EBICS T, EBICS TS, FTP et SWIFTNET
  • Signatures : single signatory – 2-2 – A and B (encrypted by X509 and/or 3SKey authentication)
  • Import/Export : Any type of files from/to Ciel, Sage, SAP, Oracle, Exact, Quadratus, Navision, APISoft ...


CUBICUS is available in :

  • license mode (owner),
  • SaaS mode (Software As A Service) accessible on the Web, thereby freeing you from IT management by paying a monthly subscription.

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