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CILIARIS was designed as a result of the new requirement to use SEPA direct debits since 1 February 2014. This is not insignificant since the creditor is now liable for the management of mandates.

  • Manage your SEPA mandates
    • Import and migrate your direct debit authorizations into SEPA mandates
    • Manage automatically SEPA mandate’s life-cycle
    • Customised UMR assignment
    • Secure management with the 4 eyes principle
    • Your signed mandates are dematerialised and attached
    • Print migration notifications and D-14 pre-notification
    • Your applications are interfaced with Ciliaris via web services
  • Manage your direct debit portfolios
    • Create and enter direct debits
    • Manage recurring direct debits via a timetable
    • Import direct debits files from your business software into various formats (cfonb160, csv, xml...)
    • Convert domestic direct debits, from CFONB160 to XML SDD format according to several configurable criteria:
      • Account Number
      • Reconstructed UMR
      • Internal Unique Reference
  • Manage R-Transactions
    • Integrate R-Transactions
    • PSR Reconciliation
    • Delinquency Reconciliation (camt054)
    • View delinquencies and send payment reminders
    • Update mandate and direct debit status

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