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Panini range, a new generation of cheque scanners.

Description :

    Compact, innovative design and easy-to-use. These are the features that make Panini series My Vision 50/75/100 an ideal device for space-restricted areas (such as bank counters).
    My Vision 50/75/100 scanners incorporate high technologies and last Digitization Standards for cheques that are available on the market.
    The range of Panini My Vision 50/75/100 scanners is scalable and modular: you can choose the main features according to your needs.

Three models are available (for the standard model and AGP version)

  • 50 doc/mn (My Vision 50)
  • 75 doc/mn (My Vision 75)
  • 100 doc/mn (My Vision 100)

Its output tray can contain up to 100 documents, ensuring that they are deposited in the correct order (optional: up to 4 trays).
Endorser: My VisionX 50/75/100 scanners are also equipped of a single-line inkjet printer for the standard version enabling the document to be endorsed, or 4-line printer for the AGP*(Advanced Graphic Printer) allowing to print characters and to edit handwritten signatures or logos.
Scan quality: Thanks to a dynamic threshold, My VisionX 50/75/100 scanners offers high quality images with an optimal recognition of type writing and handwriting (amounts processed by a specific engine).
Simultaneous duplex scanning: images from both sides are digitised from 100 to 200 dpi resolution, in black and white, and in grey scale mode, which allows you to capture 4 images of your choice in one single run.
Easy maintenance: My VisionX 50/75/100 scanners are specially designed to facilitate first-level operations.
The user can change the document pickup rollers by himself: all sliding mechanisms, including those inside the scanner, are easily accessible (mechanical modules now can be removed).

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